Improving Speed, Quantity and Quality in Manufacturing Industry.

Fast, high accuracy and automatic optical quality inspection enables the full production capacity of small and large manufacturers.

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SURFER X is an Optical Quality Inspection system that enables fully autonomous surface inspection in manufacturing industries, especially in automotive and electrical applience.

Superior Technology

100% Inspection

Inspection of Moving Parts

Low Cost

3D Metrology


The technology behind present quality inspection solutions is not powerful enough to control specular surfaces, hence surface inspection in the manufacturing industry still relies on inefficient manual visual control. comes with an innovative solution that shows the best performance and highest stability for inspection of both specular and non-specular surfaces.


Painted Plastic and Metal

Fully Specular Surfaces

Matte Surfaces

In Line Deflectometry

Autonomous Robot Planning

Anomaly Detection


By empowering the algorithm and simplifying the hardware of the present solutions, our technology is able to perform surface inspection and 3D metrology on any surface.


Collusion-free path and motion planning of industrial robots are performed by our deep learning algorithms in a fully autonomous way.


Using state of the art deep anomaly detection architectures, our system detects and classifies any surface anomalies regardless of product shape.


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